Baby Henry

Two years ago my Sister-in-law asked me if I would like to be in the
hospital when their 3rd child was born so that I could photograph
those first moments after his birth.
I was a little hesitant and hadn't given her a firm answer...
then she went into labor and gave birth on my wedding day,
so it didn't even matter.

A few weeks ago she asked if I would like to do the same thing with their 4th child.
I decided that it would be a neat experience, and since I have a child
of my own now, I wasn't as nervous.  So she told me they'd keep me updated on everything.

They were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday and it was looking
like Henry wouldn't come until the middle of the night.
After talking it over with Travis I decided to drive down to Ogden so that
I could be there when the baby arrived.  

I left my house in Logan at 9:30 pm and arrived at the hospital just over an hour later.
I called my brother to figure out where they were and he told me
they had a baby! He'd come 10 minutes ago!

Sigh, so I didn't get all the shots we wanted of their first meeting, 
but I went and took some photos of this cute little baby anyway.
It was still a neat experience.  I love newborns.

Welcome Henry :)

Those hands though! And already a thumb sucker... 

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