Newborn Photography here I come...

I got to do my first baby photography session last week!
I will admit, I was a little nervous.  I didn't know exactly what to expect from the baby.
But I thought it went quite well!

This little girl is so adorable.
And SO tiny!! 
When I first saw her I couldn't believe how small she was at 3 weeks old.
I was scared to touch her cause I thought she might break.
She was only 7 pounds, some-odd ounces, and when the littlest
newborn you've held in the last 4 years is your own 9-pounder, that seems tiny.

I loved everything about this shoot.
Her adorable outfits, her big eyes, her little toes...

I never thought I'd really enjoy newborn photography.
But after this baby, I'd do it again.
She didn't even sleep for the entire hour and we still 
managed to get some great photos.
But, I guess babies are cute even when they're not sleeping. ;)

Cute little family.

Just too precious!

To see the rest of this session go to


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